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Add The Finishing Touch To Your Wedding With Personalised Canvas Decor

At Black Sheep Design we’re passionate about helping brides achieve their dream wedding.That’s why we’re busy adding more products and designs to our personalised wedding shop, offering you imaginatively designed wedding decor which adds the finishing touch to your wedding venue.

Personalised wedding decorations have breathed new life into weddings for excited brides to be! Weddings have transformed in the last few decades as more and more brides-yearn for their magical night to be truly unique in order to stand out from the crowd. But don’t for one second fret about your big day! Avoiding the clichés of ceremony and reception proceedings has never been easier thanks to the explosion of exciting personalised wedding decorations taking weddings by storm!

So forget about that half finished meal plan for now, as we offer you the most exciting additions to the Black Sheep Design Wedding Shop.

Step Into Your Ceremony With A Personalised Wedding Aisle Runner

Wedding aisle runners have been a staple of traditional and contemporary weddings for a long time now, while the personalised options were simply too expensive. Thankfully those days are behind us with stunning yet affordable, personalised aisle runners available online at Black Sheep Design. The perfect touch for your ceremony, our wedding aisle runners are crafted using either high quality canvas or carpet, just take a look at one of our most popular personalised runners below.


Calling all Princesses! The fairy tale princess themed, Personalised Wedding Aisle Runner is bound to cast a spell on you and your Prince Charming! This stunning runner will feature the names of the bride and groom as well as the date of matrimony. Available in a variety of lengths, take a closer look at the Disney Style Wedding Aisle Runner.

Of course, Black Sheep Design have designed an inspiring selection of runners for weddings to choose from, the hard part is narrowing down your favourites! If you want to discover the perfect one for your ceremony, check out the Personalised Wedding Aisle Runner collection.

Introducing Brand New Wedding Table Plan Designs!

We’re excited to show you the latest wedding table plan designs which have just landed.. You’ll be thankful for your gorgeous wedding meal plan when the moment comes to seat your guests, especially if the champagne has been flowing! However big your wedding reception, we provide a range of sizes that can fit over 10 tables on, while the canvas materials used in production result in a superior quality that will stand the test of time as a cherished keepsake. Save yourself hours of time by personalising the wedding table plan so it arrives to your doorstep, beautifully finished! 


To give you an irresistible taste of our beautiful wedding table plan collection, we have picked out the hessian personalised wedding table plan to show off. More than just a table plan, you’ll treasure it as it provides you with everlasting memories of all your loved ones who were lucky enough to be there on your special day. Fall in love with your wedding decor by taking a closer look at the Hessian & Lace Themed Personalised Wedding Table Plan.


Discover The Perfect Wedding Memento Or Gift With A Personalised Canvas



Looking to capture those cherished wedding day moments forever? Or perhaps you’re Invited to a loved one’s wedding but still haven't found the perfect present for the soon-to-be-weds? Sure, a microwave would make a practical gift but it’s not exactly the most heartfelt of gestures to mark the occasion. Gift a wedding present that’s personal and appreciated by considering a personalised wedding canvas. Choose your own message, pictures and size of canvas as you create something magical for the happy couple. One of the most well received in the range, our LOVE Quadrant canvas would look fantastic hung up on any wall of the house. Also, the high quality lightfast ink means that your wedding canvas will stand the test of time.


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Hopefully, you’re now bursting with wonderful inspiration for your big day. Black Sheep Design know you deserve to make the most out of your wedding, it’s only a once in a lifetime moment after all! Get ready for your dream wedding with Black Sheep Design, browse the complete wedding gift & decór shop.