Text Montage Canvas Black and White

Photo Word Bold Square Montage

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Please enter your text montage words here. Enter each word on a separate line. If you would like words to be stringed together please connect these words using the ~ sign. So for example Happy~Birthday would be connected as Happy Birthday.
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I agree that only English keyboard letters, and the symbols listed above, will be recognised in the Text art. I have checked the spellings, and I agree that the words will be designed in a variety of sizes and fonts and will be positioned randomly within the text montage, I understand that all personalisation submitted will be duplicated throughout.

Create a unique piece of work by providing your favourite image and framing it with a bold square border  made up of your own words.Our Studio team will create a text art photo square montage. This creates a beautiful piece of artwork for your home or a wonderful gift.

Please note: Product supplied as a self-assembly kit which includes a 1.5" aluminium frame, full assembly instructions provided.